Genome editing-based therapies become the predominant technology of the 21st century with promising statements about genetic diseases treatments. Genome editing tools recently emerged but they suffer from an absence of standardization and their applications remain limited. 

In this context, Quidditas Therapeutics developed an alternative technology which permits an absolute genetic recombination. Compatible with a larger scope of applications, from bioprocess improvement to genetic disorders treatment, this revolutionary technique will have a major impact in the Biotechnology field.

Our solution

From any source of nucleic acids, anywhere in the genome

Targeted and controlled excision

For an absolute recombination

GREAT, for the
future of medicine
and beyond

Multiple fields of application


As a new genome editing technology, the GREAT technique can be adapted to multiple fields e.g. Genetic disorders, Oncology, Organ transplant, Environment, food industry and so on.





Mainly focused on the developpement of a new generation of genetic disorders treatment, QUIDDITAS also proposes this new tool to partners who want to revolutionate and boost their research.


Our partners